Welcome to our Blokjes game page here! This online game is a really great choice! Play for free! The name of this one is Blokjes game, congratulations! Tag categories here are: black,block,blocks,flip,tetris,white,flipping,shapes,tiles,tile,#puzzle,#shapes,#tile,#block,#blocks,mobile. Check them under this game. Instructions of this game: Click or tap to place each next block on the board, either all on black squares or all on white squares. When the blocks get larger and more difficult, you will need to rely the Park ability to skip blocks that you can’t place right away, or to save them for future use. At the start, each move is worth 1 point. This increases by 1 each time you clear the board to all black or all white. This is the way to the highest scores!; If you like this, don’t forget to share it with your friends! You can also play thousands of other games here… Have fun!

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