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Welcome to our Balibu | Casual game game page here! This online game is a really great choice! Play for free! The name of this one is Balibu | Casual game game, congratulations! Tag categories here are: casual,family,fast,fun,html5,size,small,download,fungame,#html5,#casual,#fun,#family,lightweight,loading,#fastloading,#smallsize,#smalldownload,mobile. Check them under this game. Instructions of this game: The bird will run through the stick. Think quickly to control the stick length by holding your finger on screen ( mobile ) or click and hold ( PC ). Keep the bird inside the screen while destroying the flying spikes before they hit the egg. Don’t touch side walls, top wall or falling down.Reach your best score and unlock all hidden birds!; If you like this, don’t forget to share it with your friends! You can also play thousands of other games here… Have fun!

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